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With WICE, you'll offer your customers an extraordinary fusion of wine and ice cream, elevating their taste experience to new heights. Let's embark on this exciting journey together.

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Just the most frequently pondered-on questions about WICE. If questions are still
left unanswered, get in touch!

What are the requirements for becoming a WICE stockist?

You need to be a supermarket, local store or HoReCa entity (Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe) in order to become a WICE stockist. We also offer WICE service packages for companies and organizations that host events.

Are there any allergens present in WICE ice cream?

Allergens present in WICE include: milk (which can be found in both wine ice-creams and classic ice-creams) and wine sulfites which can be found in all WICE ice-creams that are made with wine.

Is there a minimum order quantity for WICE products?

The minimum order quantity represents 2 boxes of the wine ice-cream (each containing 18 units per box) or/and 2 boxes of 5L packaging. For the classic ice-creams, the minimum order quantity is 4 boxes (each containing 18 units per box).

Do you export WICE?

Yes, WICE is available for export.

What is WICE made of?

WICE - wine ice-cream is made of different types of high quality macedonian wines combined with complementary ingredients such as chocolate, sour cherry, lemon, raspberries and more. The flavors added are in order to point out the original wine flavor. WICE can be in the form of classic wine ice-cream (which contains milk solids and coconut fat as main ingredient) and wine sorbet (which is the vegan version made with fruit pastes and 50% wine). WICE also has a portfolio of classic dairy non-alcoholic ice-creams made with high quality ingredients and rich, smoothy texture.

Is WICE suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

All WICE ice creams are vegetarian, and only the sorbet line is vegan.

How is alcohol incorporated into the ice cream?

One of our technology secrets is the method of incorporating the wine within the basic ice-cream mixture. Throughout the production process, we carefully mix the wine with the rest of the ingredients in a way in which the alcohol doesn’t evaporate, but actually stays within the basic ice-cream mixture.

How can I become a stockist?

To become a stockist, simply reach out to us through the "Become a Stockist" form or the contact page. We'll respond within 48 hours and arrange to deliver samples and handle all the necessary details.

What sizes does WICE come in?

WICE comes in 180ml cups for individual consumer use and 5-liter containers for HORECA (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) establishments.

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WICE is my all-timefavorite self care activity.
WICE is my all-timefavorite self care activity.
WICE is my all-timefavorite self care activity.
WICE is my all-timefavorite self care activity.
WICE is my all-timefavorite self care activity.
WICE is my all-timefavorite self care activity.
WICE is my all-timefavorite self care activity.
WICE is my all-timefavorite self care activity.