The technological process

What makes WICE so special is the way it is produced!

The idea of combining wine and ice cream seemed attractive, but there was a problem. The freezing point of the wine alcohol is -18°C while the one of normal ice cream is 0°C and when we tried to combine the two of them together it resulted with unstable ice cream mixture.

So, we found a solution! After two years of research and development activities a unique technological process of increasing the freezing point of wine alcohol was developed. This allowed us to keep the alcohol frozen inside the ice cream, and WICE was born.

Please don’t mistake WICE with “infused” wine ice-cream. The word “infused” means that while the smell and taste of wine are kept inside the ice-cream, most of its’ alcohol content actually evaporates. Our SECRET formula changed this concept allowing you to have your two pleasures at the same time. The end result is one cup of 180ml wine ice-cream, containing 50% wine.

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